Volunteer Resources

Mandatory Forms to Complete for GVHCP

Medical Provider Agreement (DOC, 76K)

Eligibility Specialist Agreement (PDF, 50K)

Eligibility Specialist Background Check (PDF, 52K)

Eligibility Specialist Job Description (PDF 28K)

GVHCP Volunteer Agreement (PDF, 70K)

General GVHCP Information Forms

Composite Medical Board Volunteer Hours (PDF 64K)

Volunteer Teen Parent Application (PDF 30K)

Volunteers in Dentistry (PDF 277K)

Dentistry Volunteer Work Reporting Form (PDF 67K)

GVHCP Provider Application (PDF 55K)

GVHCP Physician CME Form (PDF 16K)

GVHCP Law O.C.G.A. § 31-8-190 8.13 (DOC 27K)

Mandatory Forms to Complete for Emergency Volunteers

Emergency Volunteer Agreement (DOC, 36K)

Volunteer Resources

VS-16003 Volunteers Under the ‘Health Share’ Volunteers in Medicine Act (PDF, 4.4MB)

VS-16003C Health District Lay Volunteer Agreement (DOC, 77K)

Volunteer Business Associate Agreement (DOC, 71k)

Regional Map and Contacts (PPTX, 210K)

Intergovernmental Advisory - Get Ready for Hurricane Season (DOC, 168KB)

Georgia Responds (PDF, 2.5MB)

MRC Brochure(PDF, 15MB)

SERVGA Brochure(PDF, 10.53MB)

Please download the volunteer forms below that are associated with the organization you are interested in joining or are already a member. To submit your completed form, follow the instructions provided in the document.

Central Georgia MRC

Central Georgia MRC Certification Consent Form (DOC, 60.4Kb)

Cobb MRC

Cobb & Douglas Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Application (DOC, 52Kb)

West Georgia MRC

West Georgia MRC Volunteer Application (DOC, 376.1KB)

West Central Health District MRC

Chattahoochee Valley Citizens Corps Bylaws (DOC, 80KB)

Chattahoochee Valley Citizens Corps Code of Conduct (DOC, 27KB)

Chattahoochee Valley Citizens Corps Volunteer Application (DOC, 39.5KB)

DeKalb County Board of Health MRC

DeKalb County Board of Health Volunteer Application (DOC, 78.3Kb)

East Central Health District MRC

East Central HD Authorization for Background Check (DOC, 26KB)

East Central HD Consent Form (DOC, 60.5KB)

East Central HD MRC Volunteer Application (DOC, 45KB)

Northeast Georgia Mountains MRC

Northeast Georgia Mountains Volunteer Application (PDF, 40.1KB)